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Motul Tech Grease 300

Motul Tech Grease 300
Motul Tech Grease 300

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OEM: 100898
MPN: 100898
By Motul

Very high performance multipurpose grease. 200g (7 oz.) tube.

  • Greasing of roller bearings, articulations, bearings, hubs, cardan joints, ball joint, cables
  • Suitable with all types of machinery working under normal or severe conditions
  • Car, Motorbike, Marine, Transport, Civil engineering machinery, industry and farm machines
  • Particularly efficient in most extreme conditions : high temperature, heavy load, humidity, vibrations and/or long duration of use
  • Temperatures for use : from - 30°C / - 22°F to + 150°C / + 302°F in continuous and up to +200°C / +392°F in peak
Detailed Description


Multipurpose grease par excellence, formulated from mineral and synthetic base oil stocks and from a complex lithium soap, with extreme-pressure, anti-wear, anti-oxidation and anticorrosion additivation.


  • Excellent performances at high temperature: the drop point higher than 260°C / 500°F
  • allows a continuous use until 150°C / 305°F and punctually at 220°C / 392°F, far higher than classic greases
  • Longer life duration compared to a classic lithium grease
  • Excellent cold properties : pumpability at –30°C / -22°F
  • Resistance to heavy loads thanks to its complete high performance extreme-pressure and anti-wear additivation
  • Very high resistance to water, corrosion and rust
  • Reinforced adherence
  • Security and reduction of maintenance costs
  • Designation : DIN 51 502 : KP 2 P-30
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SKU 001920
OEM PN 100898
Manufacturer PN 100898
Manufacturer Motul
Category Fluids
Subcategory Oil Circulation