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There's a reason Audi is one of the hottest brands in the sport luxury class. Their combination of sleek, streamlined designs, class-leading performance and intuitive features make them a top choice for car enthusiasts. If you're looking to unlock your Audi's full potential, Europa Parts is your partner.

We're a leading source for Audi parts online. With OEM and performance upgrades available, you can choose from thousands of parts and accessories designed specifically with your Audi in mind. From the compact A3 all the way up to the powerhouse R8, not forgetting Audi's impressive lineup of sports SUVs — we have the parts you're looking for.

Optimize your Audi with OEM & Genuine parts online

Audi has a commitment to quality engineering, and it is a commitment any enthusiast can feel when they drive one. Using low-quality, poorly designed after-market audi parts can make for an inferior experience for any driver. We understand that enthusiasts only want the top of the line audi parts. First, we carry the best OEM audi parts online, at the best prices. Buying OEM means you'll never run into any troubles with your part choices. That doesn't mean you can't buy after-market audi parts however. Our warehouse carries the best aftermarket audi parts available online. We've researched, tested, and used every aftermarket audi part we sell, personally. Our staff is ready and waiting to help you with phone and live online chat support with any questions, and you can feel assured that our staff is made up of Audi enthusiasts just like you. Don't settle for inferior parts, Europa Parts carries only the best audi parts online.

You can find exactly what you're looking for in just a few clicks, thanks to our detailed descriptions, large color photos and helpful application guides. We list our low audi part prices, including any current discounts we can offer you so you have all the information you need to make an informed choice.

Consider buying our Audi parts online for:

  • Accident or breakdown repair: Accidents and breakdowns can happen at any time, even to the most experienced driver. If your Audi is out of service, you want to get it repaired and back on the street or track quickly. Choose our Audi genuine parts to repair your vehicle and restore its original performance, reliability and value.
  • Performance upgrades: If you're a performance fan, you want to capitalize on every last bit of acceleration, braking and handling your Audi is capable of. We carry a wide range of performance Audi parts online so you can make impressive gains to your car or SUV and tune it exactly the way you want it. We've researched and tested all of our performance audi parts, so you know you're getting the best audi parts available online to boost your performance.
  • Improved reliability: As you start to add miles to the odometer, certain parts of your Audi will begin to wear out. For an improvement in reliability and durability, consider replacing the common wear parts in your Audi's engine, transmission and brakes.

Only you know what repairs, upgrades and modifications you want to make to your car. At Europa Parts, we offer a complete lineup of Audi OEM parts that cover your Audi from tip to tail. Our lineup of genuine audi parts features:

  • Electrical: including climate control, satellite receivers and sensors
  • Lighting: including bulbs and LEDs for your interior and exterior
  • Braking: including pads, rotors, ABS sensors and brake line kits
  • Engine: parts including turbochargers, filters, gaskets and manifolds
  • Emissions: including breather kits and breather hoses

You can never go wrong with genuine OEM audi parts. Audi is known for hitting standards other car companies can't hit, so you know that OEM audi parts are always going to be a perfect fix.

Let Europa Parts help

We at Europa Parts got our start in the euro car community, and understand your needs when looking for audi car parts. We strive to support the euro car community, no matter where it is in the world. We are committed to getting audi parts to our customers no matter where they are in the world, in a timely and safe manner. We know that euro car enthusiasts want the best audi parts available, so we make sure our standards meet the same uncompromising standards that Audi is known for. We've worked hard to get great deals with FedEx, USPS, and UPS, saving you money on your audi parts, and insuring the peace of mind that you'll get your part fast and in the best condition.

Check out our large catalog of Audi genuine parts today. Once you've made your online purchase, we'll ship your parts to you fast. Our free (in many cases), same-day shipping is included with every order received before 3:00 PM EST (Monday to Friday) and gets your audi parts into your hands faster so you can get down to installing them.

All that's left to do is to fire up your Audi and get out on the road or track, where you can enjoy all of the available performance and reliability.

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