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Few sport luxury cars on the market offer the wide range and appeal of the Audi A6 lineup. Available over the years as either a sedan or wagon and in FWD or AWD versions, the A6 has become THE car to beat in the class. With sales growing every year and industry awards heaped on each new model, Audi has a winner with their impressive A6 lineup.

If you're a DIY enthusiast and enjoy performing service and maintenance on your car, you've come to the right place. Here at Europa Parts, we're also automotive devotees and enjoy taking care of our cars. That's why we created our business. We wanted to make it easy for owners of imported vehicles like the Audi A6 to find the parts they need for regular maintenance and replacing worn or damaged parts. Shop Audi A6 parts by selecting your Audi A6 generation now:

Do You Already Know What You Need?

Some of our customers come here knowing what they need. If you're like that, in just a few minutes you can buy the Audi A6 OEM parts online you're looking for and get ready to install them. Another group of customers comes here to see what we offer and compare different parts and accessories. We've organized our site so it's easy to browse. You can find our wide range of products, including these popular items:

  • Spark plugs, wipers, bulbs and other genuine replacement parts
  • Fluids, filters and kits for engine and transmission fluid changes
  • Various electronic components for radio, HVAC, ignition, etc.
  • Major engine components like turbochargers, timing chain kits and injectors
  • Brake pads and rotors, ABS sensors and replacement brake lines

From basic maintenance to major engine overhauls, we carry the parts you need. We offer fast, free shipping on most parts. As you browse, you can even see if we have the parts in our inventory. Place your order Monday to Friday before 3pm and we can even ship the same day. Our goal is to make owning and servicing an Audi A6 easier and encourage more people to discover the pleasure of getting to know your vehicle.

Engineering Worth Getting to Know

Doing your own servicing and maintenance is especially enjoyable with a smartly engineered vehicle like the Audi A6. The German engineers who designed the A6 went out of their way to add impressive features and design details that make Audi stand out from the crowd. Take the A6 Allroad AWD wagon, for example. Produced from 2001 to 2005, these cars are highly sought-after on the used market. Each model has its own unique needs in terms of service:

  • The 2.7L turbo models are known for their rev-happy engine, which means many are in need of some attention as they approach the 100,000-mile mark. In particular, the turbos and high-pressure diesel injectors may need replacing. Thankfully, we carry genuine Audi replacement parts.
  • The 4.2L V8s are known to be strong and reliable, but all of the torque going through the transmission means a transmission fluid and filter change is advisable. Always opt for OEM engine and transmission parts for optimal performance and reliability, as well as emissions compliance.

There are now four generations of Audi A6s on the road in North America and there don't seem to be any signs of the popular model slowing down. Take a look at our wide selection of online OEM Audi A6 parts and purchase what you need today to keep your A6 on the road for years to come.