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Motive Power Extractor (1715)

Motive Power Extractor (1715)
Motive Power Extractor (1715)

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MPN: 1715
By Motive Products

The Motive Power Extractor is one of the best tools on the market for extraction of motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, coolant, and other car fluids.

This extractor comes with a dipstick tube for quick changing of oil and flexible tube for vacuum brake bleeding (although we still think Motive Power Bleeder is better suited for brake bleeding).

Kit contents:

  • Motive Power Extractor tank and pump assembly (6QT/5.68L) capacity
  • Motive Power Extractor tank handle
  • Pinch clamp (attached to extractor tube)
  • 2.5 ft firm tube (attached to extractor tube)

To evacuate fluids:

  • Squeeze pinch clamp until extractor tube is closed
  • Use hand pump to create vacuum in Motive Power Extractor tank. Do not exceed 15 in. Hg vacuum
  • Insert extractor tube into desired fluid reservoir
  • Release pinch clamp on extractor tube and fluid will start to flow into extractor
  • Remove extractor tube from fluid reservoir when fluid has been completely extracted
  • Fill reservoir with new fluid and reattach fill cap
  • Remove pump assembly from extractor to pour out old fluid
  • Properly dispose of/recycle fluid

To change oil:

  • Remove dipstick from engine
  • Ensure oil is warm by running engine for a few minutes. If engine is hot, allow it to cool to warm.
  • Follow steps above making sure to push firm tube through dipstick hole to bottom of oil pan without jamming into bottom of pan.

CAUTION: Do not allow fluid beyond maximum fill line on tank. Avoid storing any flammable fluids near heated areas or in direct sunlight and use extractor in a well ventilated area.

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