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Hawk Performance Street Race Brake Pad Set (Rear, D340)

Hawk Performance Street Race Brake Pad Set (Rear, D340) - HB364R.642
Hawk Performance Street Race Brake Pad Set (Rear, D340)

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OEM: 8E0698451L
MPN: HB364R.642
By Hawk Performance

Hawk Performance Street Race brake pad set. While the High Performance Street Race pad is ideal for many aggressive drivers that own high performance street cars, it does produce a bit of noise and dust. Features:

  • Aggressive Torque
  • Great Rotor and Pad Wear Life
  • 100-1200°F Operating Temperatures
  • Smooth and Predictable Control
  • Designed to Deliver High Deceleration Rates
  • Smooth Braking Feel
  • Consistent Brake Release Characteristics

Replaces the following OE part numbers:

8E0698451L, 8E0698451K, 8E0698451E, 8E0698451D, 8E0698451B, 8E0698451A, 8E0698451, 8D0698451, 7M3698451A, 7M0698451, 6R0698451, 5Q0698451M, 5Q0698451G, 5Q0698451E, 5Q0698451A, 5C0698451C, 5C0698451B, 5C0698451A, 5C0698451, 4D0698451E, 4D0698451D, 4D0698451C, 4B0698451E, 4B0698451B, 4B0698451, 3B0698451A, 3B0698451, 1K0698451M, 1K0698451J, 1K0698451C, 1K0698451A, 1JD698451A, 1J0698451S, 1J0698451R, 1J0698451P, 1J0698451N, 1J0698451M, 1J0698451L, 1J0698451K, 1J0698451J, 1J0698451H, 1J0698451G, 1J0698451F, 1J0698451E, 1J0698451D, 1J0698451C, 1J0698451B, 1J0698451, 1H0698451H, 1H0698451G, 1H0698451F, 1H0698451E, 1H0698451D, 1H0698451C, 1H0698451B, 1H0698451A, 1H0698451, 1H0690451A, 1H0690451, 1H0615415D, 1H0615415A, 1H0615415, 1E0698451G, 1E0698451E, 1E0698451D, 1E0698451C, 1E0698451B, 1E0698451A, 1E0698451, 191698451D, 191698451C, 191698451B, 191698451A, 191615415D, 191615415A, 161698451D, 191698451, JZW698451C, JZW698451B, JZW698451A, JZW698451, 8EA698451

Product Specifications

Additional Information

SKU 011451
OEM PN 8E0698451L
Manufacturer PN HB364R.642
Manufacturer Hawk Performance
Category Braking
Subcategory Brake Pads - Rear
Application Guide
  • Audi A4 B5 1.8T
  • Audi A4 B5 2.8L V6 12v
  • Audi A4 B5 2.8L V6 30v
  • Audi A4 B6 1.8T
  • Audi A4 B6 3.0L V6
  • Audi A6 allroad 2.7T
  • Audi A6 allroad 4.2L V8
  • Audi A6 C5 2.7T
  • Audi A6 C5 2.8L V6
  • Audi A6 C5 3.0L V6
  • Audi A6 C5 4.2L V8
  • Audi A8 D2 3.7L V8 FWD
  • Audi A8 D2 4.2L V8
  • Audi S4 B5
  • Audi S6 C5
  • Audi TT Mk1 1.8T 180HP
  • Audi TT Mk1 1.8T 225HP
  • Audi TT Mk1 3.2L V6
  • VW Golf Mk3 2.0L
  • VW Golf Mk3 VR6
  • VW Golf Mk4 1.8T
  • VW Golf Mk4 2.0L
  • VW Golf Mk4 TDI
  • VW Golf Mk4 VR6
  • VW Jetta Mk3 2.0L
  • VW Jetta Mk3 TDI
  • VW Jetta Mk3 VR6
  • VW Jetta Mk4 1.8T
  • VW Jetta Mk4 2.0L
  • VW Jetta Mk4 TDI
  • VW Jetta Mk4 VR6
  • VW New Beetle 1.8T
  • VW New Beetle 2.0L
  • VW New Beetle 2.5L
  • VW New Beetle TDI
  • VW Passat B4 2.0L
  • VW Passat B4 TDI
  • VW Passat B4 VR6
  • VW Passat B5 1.8T
  • VW Passat B5 TDI
  • VW Passat B5 V6
  • VW Passat B5 W8
  • VW R32 Mk4

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