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A/C Compressor (Latest Revision, OEM)

A/C Compressor (Mk4, Latest Revision, OEM) - 1J0820803N
A/C Compressor (Latest Revision, OEM)

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OEM: 1J0820803N
MPN: 89224
By Nissens

Latest revision, brand new, OEM A/C compressor. Made in Europe. Includes gaskets and a plug swap for older cars. Includes the electromagnetic multi-rib 6 groove clutch. It may be necessary to remove and reinstall electrical connection for compressor clutch to match existing connector on the vehicle. This is the best quality A/C compressor we could find for this application. Keep your A/C icy cold by ditching that faulty compressor. No core charge.

Guaranteed to fit the following models:

  • 2000-2006 Audi TT Mk1
  • 1994-1999 Volkswagen Golf Mk3 2.0L/TDI (w/ supplied plug swap)
  • 1999-2005 Volkswagen Golf Mk4
  • 1994-1999 Volkswagen Jetta Mk3 2.0L/TDI (w/ supplied plug swap)
  • 1999-2005 Volkswagen Jetta Mk4
  • 1998-2005 Volkswagen New Beetle
  • 1995-1997 Volkswagen Passat B4 2.0L/TDI (w/ supplied plug swap)

Replaces the following OE part numbers:

1J0820803, 1J0820803A, 1J0820803B, 1J0820803F, 1J0820803G, 1J0820803J, 1J0820803K, 1J0820803KX, 1J0820803L, 1J0820803LX, 1J0820803N, 1J0820803NX, 1J0820805, 1J0820805A, 1J0820811A, 1J0973722, 1JE820803A, 7H0820803B, 7H0820803C, 7H0820803D, 7H0820803F, 7M0820803, 7M0820803A, 7M0820803R, 7M0820805B, 7M3820803, 7M3820803A, 7M3820803AX, 7M3820803B, 7M3820803BX, 7M3820803C, 7M3820803R, 7M3820805B, XM2H19D629AA, YM2H16D629AA, YM2H19D629BA, YM2H19D629BB, YM2H19D629DA, 1076012, 1111419, 1211741, 1211742, 1458685, 1458814, 10000552, 10000554, 89224, 471-7003, 471-7000.

Product Specifications

Additional Information

SKU 003540
OEM PN 1J0820803N
Manufacturer PN 89224
Manufacturer Nissens
Category Electrical, Engine
Subcategory Climate Control, Compressors
Application Guide
  • Audi TT Mk1 1.8T 180HP
  • Audi TT Mk1 1.8T 225HP
  • Audi TT Mk1 3.2L V6
  • VW Golf Mk3 2.0L
  • VW Golf Mk4 1.8T
  • VW Golf Mk4 2.0L
  • VW Golf Mk4 TDI
  • VW Golf Mk4 VR6
  • VW Jetta Mk3 2.0L
  • VW Jetta Mk3 TDI
  • VW Jetta Mk4 1.8T
  • VW Jetta Mk4 2.0L
  • VW Jetta Mk4 TDI
  • VW Jetta Mk4 VR6
  • VW New Beetle 1.8T
  • VW New Beetle 2.0L
  • VW New Beetle 2.5L
  • VW New Beetle TDI
  • VW Passat B4 2.0L
  • VW Passat B4 TDI
  • VW R32 Mk4