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Hawk Performance Brake Pads

Hawk Performance Brake Parts

Why choose Hawk Performance brake pads?

Quality. When you choose a set of Hawk Performance brake pads for your Audi or Volkwagen you are picking a pad that is engineered to your specific needs. Decades of not only research and development but real world testing gives Hawk Performance an advantage over it's competition. Hawk Performance has been developing friction materials for automotive, military, industrial, aerospace, and motorsports applications for years.

Which brake pad will suit my specific needs?

Hawk Performance HPS

The Hawk HPS (High Performance Street) pad is a street performance pad which is considered an upgrade over stock. Minimal noise and a steady pedal feel are the main improvements over stock on top of a shorter stopping distance. These pads are for street use and are not recommended for track use.

Hawk Perfomance Ceramic

If you have a vehicle that produces a ton of brake dust the Hawk Ceramic pad is the one for you. Ceramic pads offer less dust and noise and are much more gentle on rotors. Ceramic pads are made of dense ceramic material with embedded copper fibers. These are a great daily driver option but are not recommended for track use.

Hawk Performance LTS

The LTS (Light Truck and S.U.V.) pad from Hawk are stronger than OEM and have been specially engineered for heavier vehicles. These pads will give your truck or sports utility vehicle a shorter stopping distance while also offering a stronger bite which is great for light towing!

Hawk Performance HPS 5.0

The HPS 5.0 pad from Hawk Performance is an amazing all around pad. This ferro carbon compound brake pad will offer less dust than other semi metallic pads while giving a steady and firm brake pedal feel. These are considered a premium OEM replacement pad for any Audi and Volkswagen. The HPS 5.0 was specifically engineered as an OEM replacement pad which will perform under any condition.

Hawk Performance Street Race

The Hawk Street Race pad was engineered by the Hawk Performance Racing Program. These pads are perfect for the aggressive street car owner who race their vehicles on the track, compete in autocross or time trial events. These pads were designed to be abused and take a beating, they will perform flawlessly under the most extreme conditions.

Hawk Performance HP Plus

The Hawk HP Plus pad is your entry level track pad. These OEM replacement pads will hold up to the excessive heat that is common while tracking a car. Your Volkswagen or Audi will have a consistent stopping distance no matter how hot they get.

We carry a full catalog of Hawk Performance brake pads for your Audi and VW. If you have any questions about which will work best for you, or any other questions regarding Hawk Performance Brake Pads, feel free to contact us.

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