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Ross-Tech VAG-COM Diagnostic Systems

Ross-Tech VAG-COM Diagnostic Systems (VCDS)

If you own an Audi or Volkswagen you need a powerful tool that will help keep your vehicle on the road. Ross-Tech's VAG-COM Diagnostic System (VCDS) helps diagnose real problems instead of swapping out costly parts. With features found only on dealer level factory tools, VCDS surpasses the performance of aftermarket diagnostic tools and rivals factory tools for a fraction of the cost. Always know exactly how your vehicle is running instead of paying someone else to diagnose the problems, usually leaving you with a huge repair bill.

With Ross-Tech's VCDS you can:

  • Gain full access to all systems in cars from 1990 through the current model year
  • Scan for and clear DTC's with 13,000+ fault codes decoded into plain text
  • Alter settings normally accessible only to dealerships
  • Perform various country-specific modifications to your car (remove seat belt chime, enable gauge test/needle sweep, enable lap timer, operating windows and sunroof with remote, and much more)
  • Code replacement modules and select options
  • Diagnose real failures instead of swapping parts
  • View and log live data and much more!

Which VAG-COM product will work with my car?

Things you must have to run VCDS:

  • A computer with a USB port running Microsoft Windows (VCDS also works fine on Apple and Linux computers running Windows in a virtualized environment)
  • The VCDS software (you can download the latest version from the Ross-Tech's website)
  • Any of the Genuine Ross-Tech VCDS Interface Adapters sold below

Things you might want with your VCDS:

  • A copy of the VCDS manual to get you started
  • An extension cable to extend the reach of a VCDS interface from the computer to the vehicle
  • For pre-1995 cars, a 2x2 adapter to connect between the 2x2 port in older vehicles to the OBDII connector used for current generation diagnostic tools
  • A Bentley repair manual which has a list of the diagnostic, troubleshooting codes and the recommended repair procedure

Europa Parts is an authorized stocking distributor of Ross-Tech's VAG-COM Diagnostic Systems for Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, and Skoda vehicles. Don't be fooled by cheap fakes, knock-offs and imitators as those can damage your car. This is the real deal, manufactured by the world's leading diagnostics solutions company. Order online today with fast and reliable international delivery!

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