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Oil Change Kits

Oil Change Kits for Audis and VWs

Our professional oil change kits contain everything required to perform the highest quality oil change in your Audi or Volkswagen. The oil in all of our kits is Volkswagen Group certified and filters are OEM (or better) quality and TüV/ISO 9001 certified. Our professionals carefully selected and tested every component of these kits to ensure the perfect fit and quality.

You can customize our oil change kits to fit your specific needs. Just use the checkboxes and radio buttons to select/deselect the desired kit components. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Why purchase your oil change kit from Europa Parts?

We pride ourselves on only offering the highest quality oils and filters for your specific Audi or Volkswagen. All of our oil change kits offer Volkswagen and Audi approved oils which exceed the quality of oil that your local Volkswagen and Audi dealerships offer. We have noticed that most dealerships will use a cheaper oil offering in hopes of making a higher profit margin on the service, don't be fooled by your dealership again!

How do I know I am purchasing an Audi VW approved oil?

To ensure that you're using an oil that meets or exceeds factory spec look out for the following numbers on the bottle. An oil with a 502 00/505 00 or 504 00/507 00 would be appropriate for your VW or Audi. Europa Parts ONLY carries VW and Audi approved oils.

What is the difference between a 502 00/505 00 and 504 00/507 00 oil?

502 00/505 00 spec oils are used in gas motors.

504 00/507 00 spec oils are used in diesel and TDI motors.

What kind of oils does Europa Parts carry?

We only stock and sell what we would use in our own vehicles. We carry a wide variety of oils and additives from the following companies. Liqui / Lubro Moly, Motul, Total, Pentosin, and Castrol.

What is the oil capacity of my vehicle?

All of our oil change kits for Volkswagens and Audis include more than enough oil to complete an oil change service. Extensive research shows that certain motors tend to burn more oil than others, we offer an additional bottle of oil in our kits for such motors. The extra bottle can be kept in your trunk just in case your low oil light comes on. If you're not sure which kit will work for your vehicle, or would like to know the exact oil capacity, feel free to contact us.

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