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Ignition Kits

Ignition Kits for Audis and VWs

Misfires are typically caused by a faulty ignition coil pack or spark plug. Spark plugs should be changed every 40,000 miles or at the first sign of fouling. If you're not sure if your misfire is caused by a spark plug or coil pack you can check by following these simple steps.

  1. Determine which cylinder is misfiring.
  2. Swap coil packs from the cylinder with the misfire to a cylinder that did not have a misfire.
  3. If the misfire continues on the original cylinder it is not the coil pack. If the misfire jumps to the cylinder with the swapped coil pack we recommend changing your coil packs.

Volkswagen and Audi misfires are more common than we would like to admit, however, changing your coil packs with a Genuine OEM set from Europaparts should relieve you of your issues. We highly recommend changing all the coil packs at once, along with a set of OEM spark plugs.

Note: There are times where a misfire can be caused by a faulty pressure control valve or excessive carbon build up. If you've changed your coils packs and spark plugs with a Genuine OEM set and continue to have misfires we recommend checking your PCV system and intake valves.

Why buy a Genuine OEM ignition kit for your Audi or VW from Europa Parts?

Genuine OEM components is what we carry and recommend to our customers. We receive phone calls about misfires on a daily basis. We have had conversations regarding coil packs from local auto parts stores that simply don't work. We highly advise staying away from coil packs that are not genuine as they will fail prematurely if not on start up. Pick up a Genuine OEM set from Europaparts and save yourself the hassle. All of our ignition kits containing Genuine OEM spark plugs and coil packs are in stock and typically ship the same day. If you're not sure which kit, coil pack, or spark plug suits your needs feel free to contact us.

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