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Automotive Bulbs

What is the difference between HID bulbs and halogen bulbs?

The dreaded "bulb out" warning means that it's time to swap bulbs. One of the biggest questions we receive from our customers is which bulb is needed for their car. First, we need to figure out if your car was equipped with high intensity discharge (HID) or halogen bulbs.

A high intensity discharge bulb is an electrical gas discharge lamp. This type of bulb produces light by utilizing an electric arc. This is found between tungsten electrodes which are found inside a transparent fused alumina arc tube. The tube has both metal salts and gas inside.

Once the arc is ignited the metal salts are heated and eventually evaporate. Plasma is formed from the metal salts which increases the intensity of the light. If you own a vehicle with an HID system you will notice that the lights "warm up" after they are turned on.

A halogen bulb works by issuing an electrical current which heats a filament. The filament is heated until it starts to glow. Halogen bulbs do not require a ballast to charge the bulb and often give a more yellowish appearance. Halogen bulbs are mostly found in headlights that do not have a projector, however, there are certain exceptions to this rule.

If you're not sure whether you have a high intensity discharge bulb in your Volkswagen or Audi, feel free to contact us.

Why are some HID bulbs different colors?

Standard OEM HID systems typically use a bulb with a 4300k light output. 4300k is the purest form of light and mimics natural daylight. The higher you go in the Kelvin Scale the more blue your light output will be. Anything over 5000k will reduce your visibility. If you're driving through inclement weather a bulb with a lower kelvin scale will work better. You may see certain cars with yellow fog lights, yellow will cut through inclement weather and not cause glare. We recommend and only sell bulbs up to 5000k for safety reasons.

My vehicle came with halogens, how do I upgrade to Xenon?

You would need a headlight that is made for xenon lights. Xenon or HID lighting utilizes a specific reflector in the headlight housing which differs from that of a halogen setup. If you use an aftermarket HID system in your halogen housing not only are you drastically minimizing your light output, you're also blinding oncoming traffic due to not having a proper cutoff. We do not recommend using an aftermarket HID system in halogen headlights by any means. It's dangerous and illegal.

I changed my bulbs and now my connectors are burnt, why?

Wattage and volts are extremely important factors when it comes to bulbs. Anything higher than what is rated for your vehicle will burn connectors and can actually start a fire. If you're not sure which bulb is needed for your specific vehicle feel free to contact us.

Why should I purchase my bulbs from Europa Parts?

Safety and quality. We do not sell sub par bulbs and only carry what we use on our own vehicles. Rest assured that you are receiving a product that will match or exceed the original OEM bulb that was originally installed in your Volkswagen or Audi.

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