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Buy OEM & Genuine Fluids for Your VW and Audi Online

The fluids in your vehicle are extremely important and each one serves a unique and critical purpose. The right level, quality and cleanliness of fluids is necessary to deliver the right mix of performance, economy and reliability:

  • Performance: The OEM fluids VW and Audi have chosen for your vehicle are formulated to give you maximum performance. The viscosity and quality of your transmission, brake and power steering fluids have a direct impact on how your car accelerates, steers and brakes.
  • Economy: Choosing the wrong transmission fluid can have an adverse effect on your fuel economy. That's because the wrong transmission fluid can allow excess heat or slippage in your automatic or DSG, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption and lower MPG ratings.
  • Reliability: As fluids age and break down, they no longer offer the intended lubrication and protection. The result is increased metal-on-metal contact (between your transmission gears or in your power steering pump, for example) and increased component wear.

To ensure your Audi or Volkswagen is running in optimal conditions, perform regular fluid level checks and changes using OEM transmission fluid, DSG fluid, brake fluid and power steering fluid. You'll enjoy a more responsive and enjoyable experience with your VW or Audi vehicle and benefit from more trouble-free miles.

Choosing the Right Fluids

With so many fluids available, it might seem daunting to choose. With Europe Parts, we've taken the guesswork out of selecting your fluids. You simply choose your model of Volkswagen or Audi from our dropdown list, taking care to select the right model and engine. That's because different engines, transmissions, power steering systems and brake systems use different fluids, even with the VAG group.

We will display all of the fluids that suit your vehicle, including:

  • Audi transmission fluid
  • Audi DSG fluid
  • Audi brake fluid
  • Audi power steering fluid
  • VW transmission fluid
  • VW DSG fluid
  • VW brake fluid
  • VW power steering fluid

There's no need to guess which fluid goes in your car. We've done the legwork for you and only list the fluids in our catalog that are compatible with your model of car, van or SUV. Once you've chosen all the fluids you need, you can also check our catalog for the right filters, gaskets, tools and kits to make your fluid replacement a breeze.

Professional Service and Proven Experience

That's the advantage of turning to an industry leader like Europa Parts. We're more than a supplier — we're a comprehensive online source for all your VW and Audi parts and fluid needs. We're staffed by enthusiastic automotive DIYers with knowledge, experience and passion for all things Audi and VW.

You can start browsing now and select your transmission, DSG, brake and power steering fluid and place your order directly. We can offer free shipping on most orders and will ship in-stock items if you order before 3pm Monday through Friday. If you need any help, you can use our online message system or get in touch with us by email or by phone.

We look forward to becoming your partner for your next Volkswagen or Audi fluid change.