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Revo Performance Software & Parts

REVO Tunes for Your Audi & VW

REVO's mission is to produce unique and innovative hardware and software automotive products that improve the performance, drivability and responsiveness, against a manufacturer specification vehicle. They aspire to give the every-day driver a sense of distinction from the standard and to put a broad smile on their face every time they drive. Whether on the road, at a track day, or on the drag strip, REVO delivers your trusted Performance Advantage.

Every car manufacturer limits the amount of power a motor produces. Manufacturers keep the horsepower and torque output on the lower side to keep vital components working flawlessly over the lifespan of the vehicle. That doesn't mean that the car can't handle more power and torque.

REVO tunes are specifically made for your motor. There is a ton of research and development done to make sure that the tune is safe, which can't be said for smaller tuning companies. REVO is typically on the more aggressive side, putting out higher torque and horsepower numbers while keeping your motor happy.

REVO takes advantage of the forced induction system on your vehicle and increases boost. A stock turbo will put out roughly 7 psi while a REVO tuned turbocharged vehicle will increase that number to 17 - 22 psi depending on the health of the engine and supporting mods. A REVO tune increase your boost by up to 300% without causing any damage to your turbo or motor.

When it comes to supercharged motors, REVO has you covered with their tune and supercharger pulley upgrade kit. This kit allows an increase in supercharger RPM improving both torque and power through the rev range. The 3.0T motor is a powerhouse once the pulley and tune are combined, with repeat 3.7 second 0-60 times at the track.

Why choose REVO?

Years of research and development focused on delivering the highest power output while maintaining an oem driving feel. Most importantly, REVO tune is safe for your motor, and drivetrain. More aggressive than the competition while still keeping your motor safe.

How long does it take to tune a car?

We offer in house tuning that typically takes 10 - 20 minutes to complete. We also use Ross-Tech VCDS to ensure that there are no underlying issues that would cause the tune not to work properly.

What is the difference between a stage 1 and a stage 2 tune?

A Stage 1 tune is perfect for those with a bone stock car, no needed hardware upgrades are necessary. A Stage 2 tune is meant for those who are running a high flow cat or test pipe. The Stage 2 tune will also eliminate any check engine light CEL caused by upgrading your stock catalytic converter.

My car runs weird after it was tuned, what do I do?

If your car is behaving oddly after it was flashed then there is an underlying issue. We recommend having a boost gauge to accurately tell where your boost levels are. An old style diverter valve will fail with added boost, faulty coil packs and spark plugs may also cause mis fires. We strongly advise that your vehicle is in tip top operating shape prior to getting flashed. If you have any questions as to what to check before getting tuned feel free to contact us.

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